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To make the printing process even more efficient for you, we at Texit offer you suitable accessories for the thermal transfer printers. With the accessories, you can simplify the work steps during printing and thereby also reduce the time required. The accessories we offer are compatible with all Texit TX4 thermal transfer printers and can be quickly and easily integrated into the printing system integrated into the printing system. Make printing easier and save time with the use of a perforator, cutter or external unwinder.
Thermal transfer printer accessories
Information about the thermal transfer printer accessories

Thermal transfer printer accessories and consumables

For thermal transfer printing you need consumables in the form of Thermal transfer ribbons. These contain the high-quality ink that is melted onto the labels or cable markers during the printing process. In addition to the ribbon, we at Texit also offer you practical accessories for all TX4 Thermal Transfer Printer accessories. Unlike the consumables, you can use the accessories as often as you like for printing, as they are not used up. We are also happy to offer you our free advice on selecting the right accessories. Simply contact our service department. You can do this quickly and easily online on our website, by phone or by e-mail. Our experts will take the time to understand your individual situation and find the right solution together with you!

Accessories Thermal Transferduck Advantages

The various accessory products for our printing systems support the printing process, make your work easier and therefore lead to time savings. They are suitable for use with all TX4 printers and can be quickly and easily integrated into the printing system. The accessories can be used for various label and cable marker materials. All products in this category are of very high quality and have a long service life. Since, unlike the consumables, they are not used up during the printing process, they can be used for a very long time. The accessories for the TX4 thermal transfer printers offer the following advantages:

- Facilitate the steps in the printing process

- Lead to more efficiency and time savings

- Compatibility with all TX4 thermal transfer printers

- Compatibility with various label / cable marker materials

- High quality and long life

Use Accessories Thermal transfer printing

With the TX4 printers, the thermal transfer printing accessories can be easily integrated into the Printing system you have put together. Depending on the product, it is either integrated directly in the printer or attached externally.

Thermal transfer accessories for perforating

Especially with our HTX Heat shrink markers markers in continuous format, the perforation knife offers the optimum option for perforating the printed material. The markers can be perforated to different sizes with millimetre precision, depending on the requirements. This means that the cable markers can be quickly and easily attached to the corresponding cables and wires later during assembly. Another plus point of the perforator is that you can also use it as a cutter and cut the printed material directly to the desired size.

Perforation knife PUC for the thermal transfer printer

- Suitable for all Texit thermal transfer printers

- Enables flexible perforation of the continuous material

- Facilitates the mounting of the labels / cable markers

- Can also be used as a cutter

Cutting accessories

With the T4 Cutter, labels and cable markers can be cut to the exact length required in the thermal transfer printer. This eliminates an additional work step during the printing process. The cutter can be integrated directly into the printer on all TX4 printers and serves as an additional peripheral device.

Cutter CUT for the thermal transfer printer

- Is compatible with all Texit thermal transfer printers

- Can be integrated directly into the printer

- Cuts various materials up to 120mm

- Wide External editing control possible

Contact and help

You can contact us at any time via the contact form on our website. If you need more information about thermal transfer printing accessories or have any questions about the products, we will be happy to help you! During a personal consultation, we will find the right solution for you together. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of industrial labelling, we know what has proven successful for our customers in practice.

FAQ Thermal Transfer Printer Accessories

Since we receive many questions about thermal transfer printer accessories and our printing systems, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions with information for you. If your question is not listed here or you need further information, we will be happy to help you personally! Simply get in touch with our service department.

Frequently asked questions

Are the accessories compatible with all Texit thermal transfer printers?

From our thermal transfer printer accessories (cutter, perforator) you can select the appropriate variant for your Texit thermal transfer printer. The accessories are available in different versions, which are adapted to the different printer models. Simply select your Texit printer on the corresponding accessories product page. You will then automatically receive the appropriate accessories.

Can the perforator also be used as a cutter?

Yes, our perforator for the thermal transfer printer can also be used as a cutter without any problems. Instead of the perforation line, when used as a cutter it cuts the material at the point you want. If you choose our perforator, you do not need an extra cutter.