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Printable shrink tubing is particularly suitable for permanent cable labeling. You need special shrink sleeve markers for labeling. These can be marked quickly and easily using the thermal transfer process and can then be attached to the corresponding cables. Cable marking with shrink tubing markers scores points for its high durability and precise fitting to various cable diameters. Thanks to the use of high-quality polyolefin plastics, shrink sleeves are particularly robust and resistant. They are therefore ideally suited for use in a wide range of industrial sectors. Flexibly label heat shrinkable tubing according to your wishes with Texit heat shrinkable tubing markers.

Label shrink tubing

Shrink tubing labeling made easy

Shrink sleeve labeling on carrier or continuous format ?

Printable shrink sleeves are available in continuous format or on carrier material. Which format is best for you depends on what you want to print and how much space you need for it.

In continuous format, the shrink sleeve markers are arranged in a row next to each other, without any other material. You can then print with a thermal transfer printer only directly on the shrink sleeve itself. With the markers on carrier material, the carrier material can also be labeled in addition to the shrink tubing. This makes it easier for the fitter to work with the tubing, as additional auxiliary information can be placed on the carrier.

Heat shrink tube labeling

You can mark the labelable shrink tubing quickly and easily with our shrink tubing printer for permanent cable identification. All you need is the shrink sleeve marker and the right printing system. The label is printed directly onto the shrink sleeve using the thermal transfer printer. Using the appropriate label software, you can design your desired label on the computer and specify the number of shrink sleeves individually. Alternatively, we also offer you the option of having the shrink sleeves printed.

The Texit shrink sleeve markers for labeling are available in the standard range in the colors white and yellow. Do you need products in another color? That is no problem with Texit. As a manufacturer of heat shrink tube markers, we can produce items for labeling in special designs for our customers. Just send us a contact request with the data of the desired size and color. We will make you an individual offer based on this description. You can find more information about this under the heading Service.

Advantages of the labeled heat shrink markers

Heat shrinkable tubing is not only used to insulate cables and wires, but in the printable version is also ideally suited for permanent cable labeling. The printable shrink sleeves can be easily labeled and are available in many different colors. Thus, prescribed color coding can also be implemented well with a shrink sleeve marker.

If the heat shrinkable tubing marker is printed with the matching ink ribbon using the thermal transfer process, the result is an extremely abrasion-resistant and durable print that can withstand even high loads. The labeled shrink sleeves can be removed individually and simply attached to the corresponding cable. In contrast to self-adhesive cable labeling, this only requires the application of heat. By shrinking under the influence of heat, the heat shrink marker adapts perfectly to the size of the cable. In summary, cable marking with a printable heat shrinkable tube has the following advantages:

- Extremely robust, abrasion-resistant and durable lettering

- Prescribed colour coding of the cables can be implemented well

- Easy assembly during cable assembly on site

- Precise adaptation of the material to different cable diameters. A heat-shrinkable sleeve shrinks without wrinkles and fits like a skin

Shrink Tubing Marker Material

The printable heat shrinkable tubing is made of polyolefin. Polyolefins (POF) form the most important plastics group for polymers in industry. Both polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) fall into this group. Polyolefins are characterized in particular by their high chemical resistance, good electrical insulating properties and easy and simple processing.

To produce these cable markers, the polyolefin film is smoothed and coated. The polyethylene it contains gives the markers their shrinkability, while the polypropylene ensures a glossy appearance. If the shrink sleeve marker is exposed to particularly high loads and temperatures at its place of use, the polyolefin film can be radiation cross-linked in a final manufacturing process. This involves cross-linking the homogeneous plastic material in an electrolysis bath in addition to longitudinal cross-linking. This increases the resistance of the shrink sleeve marker. The printable shrink sleeves made from polyolefin film stand out thanks to their:

- High load capacity

- Resistance to many chemicals

- Temperature resistanceWear resistance

- Long service life

What size does the heat shrink marker need?

To find the right size for your heat shrink marker, you need the diameter of your cable and the shrink rate of the marker. Using these two pieces of information and following the basic rule, you can quickly find the right size.

The shrinkage rate of the heat shrink marker

The shrink tubing for cable marking at Texit is available in the common shrink ratios (shrink rate)2:1 and 3:1. The shrink reflects the diameter ratio before and after shrinking. Thus, a shrink marker with a shrink ratio of 2:1 will shrink to a maximum of 50% of its original diameter when exposed to heat. If the unshrunk average of the marker is specified as 2.4mm, it shrinks to a maximum of 1.2mm when exposed to heat.

The cable diameter

In addition to the shrink rate, the diameter of the cables is also an important parameter. This is because the size range of the shrink tubing is not the same as the cable diameter.

The basic rule for choosing the right size

The 80:20 rule is also known as the basic rule when selecting the size of heat shrink tubing. It states that a heat shrink marker should shrink a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 80% for optimum results. In addition, in general, the lower the shrink volume, the cleaner the end result. Choosing the right size is especially important when it comes to shrink tubing markers. If you are still unsure about this, we will be happy to help you. Our experienced team of experts will be happy to assist and advise you in all matters. Simply contact Contact with us.

Label shrink tubing: Directly from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer of heat shrinkable tubing, we can guarantee our customers the highest quality and high availability at all times. Thanks to new technologies, a European production and a certified quality management, you as a Texit customer benefit from safety and reliability. Our goods are originally packed in production and end up directly in your warehouse without intermediaries.

Because of this short chain, you will get the products do not pay dealer price. And if there is any problem, you can contact us directly as the manufacturer. Your permanent contact person will help you as a customer to solve the problem as soon as possible. If you would like more information about this, you can contact our service department quickly and easily on our website. Of course, we will also be happy to send you further information by e-mail or advise you by telephone.

Print heat shrink tube

You can flexibly print the shrink sleeve markers from Texit with a thermal transfer printer. All you need is a suitable printer and label software to design the print. How the shrink sleeve printing exactly works, we have discussed in detail for you on our blog.

Heat shrink tube marker delivery and delivery time

The standard delivery time for products and items from all categories of Texit is 3 to 5 working days. We usually have products for labeling cables in stock. After receiving the order, the goods in stock are checked for quality and then made ready for shipment. If a product does not pass the test, we can directly request a new product from our production. Thanks to the intra-European production, the delivery time of custom-made products is also short. You will find exact details on your order confirmation.

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