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Test labels are used on many electrical devices, systems and machines to note when the prescribed inspections take place. On the test labels, the inspector notes either the date of the next test or the date of the last test. Often, the law requires the use of inspection labels made of tamper-proof film so that the inspection date cannot be subsequently falsified. At Texit, in addition to tamper-evident inspection labels, we also offer high-quality, cost-effective inspection labels made of vinyl film. Discover our inspection labels to print yourself here.
Test labels
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Test labels for more safety

With inspection labels you ensure more safety in your company. The labels mark machines, plants and electrical devices with information about the next / last inspection date. Therefore inspection labels represent an important area of Industry Labels of your company. With the right inspection label, all relevant inspections will take place regularly and punctually at your company, as the date is precisely noted on each device. Thus, the use of test labels especially ensures the safety of your workers at work.

Design and print test seal yourself

With blanco test seals you have the possibility to design and print the test stickers yourself and individually. Thus, you can create company-specific stickers and print them flexibly. The test labels have a special shape, so that the year / month circle can be well represented. This format has become established for test stickers, as it allows the date of the last or next test to be easily displayed legibly. For printing, the foils (including tags) can simply be inserted into the thermal transfer printer. They are therefore very easy to use.

A significant advantage of designing and printing the test labels independently is that you can change the design and text at any time and create them entirely according to your wishes. In addition, you can flexibly determine the number of individual labels and print them directly on site. Texit test labels are extremely durable and robust and adhere very well to both smooth and uneven surfaces.

Test sticker for safety marking

Inspection stickers play an important role in the safety marking of operating equipment. In the field of industrial labeling, test stickers therefore also fall under the category of "safety". Within the framework of the DGUV of accident insurance, regular equipment testing of all live systems and machines is mandatory for all companies in Germany. Within the scope of this inspection, the systems and associated equipment are checked for safety. The test stickers are part of the safety marking of machines and plants. They serve to document the inspection and indicate the date for the next inspection date.

According to DGUV regulations, you as the operator of the machines are responsible for the regular inspections. The inspection labels usually show the date for the next inspection (month and year). It is also important that the sticker contains "tested according to DGUV". Only then is it approved for testing operating equipment and ensures the proper protection of your employees when working on the machines.

Inspection stickers as safety signs

For the use of safety signs, the test stickers must meet certain specifications. In the field of industrial marking, safety signs belong to the categories of "safety marking & machine signs". Accordingly, these signs must meet the needs and characteristics of safety & machinery marking. As a manufacturer of industrial marking, we attach great importance to the quality of our products in our company, as well as the fulfillment of regulation and requirements of different industrial sectors. Therefore, we have in our assortment different designs of articles for testing machines and equipment.

Types of test labels

The material of the inspection labels should be of high quality and enable the industrial label to adhere permanently to a wide variety of surfaces. This is because the inspection labels are usually attached to very different places in a company. Basically, it is necessary to distinguish between two variants and materials for this type of badge: The inexpensive Maintenance badges and the tamper-proof Test labels from document foil.

Low cost vinyl maintenance stickers

Texit maintenance stickers are made of high-quality vinyl film, also known as PVC. Vinyl is a particularly supple plastic. This property makes it possible for vinyl maintenance stickers to adhere well to even the most difficult surfaces. In addition, vinyl is robust, tear and scratch resistant and can be used permanently at temperatures from -40 to +90 degrees Celsius. Vinyl inspection stickers are also cost-effective and very printable with one of our thermal transfer printing systems.

Forgery-proof test badges made of document foil

In many cases, the use of tamper-proof inspection labels is required by law. This means that once the labels have been attached, they cannot be removed. Our inspection stick ers made of document foil are particularly suitable for this purpose. The document foil is tamper-proof and self-destructing. Specifically, this means that the foil crumbles into very small pieces when an attempt is made to remove it. Thus, the test badges made of document foil cannot be subsequently altered and falsified. Tamper-proof test badges are somewhat more expensive than their vinyl counterparts, but score highly in terms of security. They can be used permanently in a temperature range from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Choosing the right test labels

The selection of the appropriate inspection stickers depends on your local requirements as well as on the different legal regulations. If you are still unsure or have any questions, our experts will be happy to help you! Simply contact us via the Contact form on our website. We will advise you individually on your requirements and find the right solution together with you!

Test labels: The advantages

High-quality inspection labels from Texit bring many advantages. As a business owner, you ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace with the use of inspection labels. Since inspection labels are used in a wide variety of places and industries, they must be robust and adhere well to various surfaces. We also offer counterfeit / tamper proof inspection labels.

Since all our test stickers are blank, you can print them flexibly and individually on site as you wish. With our high-quality thermal transfer printing systems, this can be done in no time at all. Thanks to flexible printing, you can also create company-specific test stickers. In summary, the advantages of the test labels are:

- Ensure safety in the workplace

- Universal labels that can be used in many areas

- Adhere to both flat and difficult substrates

- Can be flexibly printed on site

- Tamper proof

Test labels delivery time and delivery

As a manufacturer of industrial marking, we can supply our customers with almost all items from our standard range within 3-5 working days. After checking the quality and value of the goods, the items that are in stock in our warehouse are directly made ready for shipment and shipped on the same day. Delivery is then usually within the next few days (within Germany).

If you order articles in other designs, the delivery usually takes a little longer, because these articles are produced especially for you. You can find more detailed information on the delivery time for such orders in your order confirmation. Do you have any questions about our inspection labels, a specific regulation or labeling in general? Simply contact our experts (via our website, by phone or by mail). We will advise you free of charge and without obligation on all aspects of industrial labeling and your individual requirements.

Test labels FAQ

We regularly receive many questions on the subject of test labels and their use. That is why we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you here. If the answer you are looking for is not listed, we will be happy to help you personally. Our team offers you completely free, professional and individual advice. Simply get in touch via the contact form on our website!

Frequently asked questions

What must be written on a test label?

There is no general answer to the question of what exactly has to be written on the inspection labels. As a rule, the date for the next inspection is noted on an inspection label. Sometimes, however, you will also find the date of the last inspection or further information regarding the test stand. In general, the use of current test labels always shows that the machine / device is properly and regularly checked for integrity. Thus, a test label serves to ensure safety when operating the respective machine / equipment.

As the Texit test badges are supplied unprinted, you can create the text and design yourself on site and change it individually at any time. You can create universal inspection stickers with the next inspection date as well as company-specific stickers.

What do I have to consider when choosing the right test labels?

When selecting the right test labels, it depends above all on your requirements and the use, as well as the legal regulations. Depending on the industry and area of application, there are usually legal regulations that must be complied with. For example, the use of tamper-proof inspection labels is often mandatory. The colour and size of the labels may also be prescribed under certain circumstances.

In addition, your requirements for the use of the inspection stickers on site are important. Where should the plaques be attached? What is the surface like at the attachment locations? Are the labels exposed to heavy loads or high temperatures in the production facility? These requirements and the legal regulations will determine which inspection stickers are best suited for you.

Where are test labels used?

Inspection tags are used in just about every workplace. From machines in a production facility, to shelves and ladders in a warehouse, to computers and coffee machines in an office - all electrical equipment should be regularly checked for integrity to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace. That is why it is extremely important that inspection tags are universally applicable and adhere well to a wide variety of surfaces.

Is a test label compulsory?

Whether the use of a test label is mandatory depends entirely on the legal regulations that apply in your industry. In many cases, the decisive factor is the test report and not the test label. However, there are also areas in which it is even prescribed that a test label made of Tamper-proof document film must be used. This cannot be completely removed after it has been affixed and thus makes subsequent falsification very difficult.

Information on whether the use of inspection stickers is compulsory for your company can be found on the website of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). (DGUV).