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Cable labels are used for clear cable identification and conductor marking. The cable label is attached to the individual cables using cable ties. Thanks to their long durability and high load-bearing capacity, the labels are particularly suitable for permanent cable labeling in industry. They are available in different materials and colors. This means that color coding can also be implemented very easily. You can receive free samples of all our cable label products. Discover Texit cable labels online on our website and request free samples for a haptic product experience:
Cable signs

The advantages of marking with cable labels

Cable label ing with cable tags is an integral part of industrial marking, as it has a number of advantages. By attaching the labels with cable ties, the cables can be marked even after installation. Subsequent cable labeling is therefore not a problem with this method and can be carried out easily. Depending on the type of cable marker, additional information can be printed on the carrier material to make the fitter's work easier during installation. The cable labels are very flexible when it comes to the type of labeling. You can achieve good results for permanent marking using the thermal transfer process. If the cable markers are exposed to extreme loads, punched or laser-cut stainless steel markers are particularly suitable. If you would like to label the tags independently and flexibly, you are well advised to use LAM cable labels for manual labeling. Cable labels not only offer great flexibility in the type of labeling, but also in the type of application. By attaching them with cable ties, these markers can be adapted to a wide variety of cable diameters. Compared to other cable labeling products, such as cable labels or shrink sleeves, cable labels also offer a relatively large area for labeling that is not directly dependent on the diameter of the cable. In summary, the most important advantages of using cable labels are

- Labeling is still possible after cable installation

- Additional printing of the carrier material possible

- High flexibility in the type of labelling

- High adaptation to different cable, wire & conductor diameters

- Large areas for marking that are not directly dependent on the cable diameter

- Depending on the product type, very high resistance and resilience

Cable label material

Many different materials are used in the production of cable labels. The selection of the appropriate material depends mainly on your cable labeling requirements. At Texit, we specialize in durable cable labeling. Therefore, our cable labels are either made of robust plastic or stainless steel. Depending on the type of material, a different printing process or manual marking may also be considered for the cable signs.

Polyester cable labels

Polyester is a very stable plastic material for the production of cable signs. The markers are therefore durable and very temperature-resistant. Due to the supple and thin polyester, these markers can be quickly and easily attached to the individual cables. In the standard version, these cable labels are available in the colour white.

Polyether polyurethane cable labels

These cable markers are very robust and durable thanks to the high-quality polyether polyurethane plastic. They are used in particular for single and multi-core cables that are subject to heavy stress. This material ensures high scratch resistance and resilience to mechanical stress. In addition, it is halogen-free and the printing is UV-resistant due to the thermal transfer process.

Polypropylene cable labels

Polypropylene has very good dielectric properties, is halogen-free and a very robust plastic. Both labels and markings applied by hand adhere to the polypropylene surface. Therefore, the polypropylene labels are well suited for manual cable labelling. After labelling, these labels are covered with a polyester protective film before being attached to the corresponding cable. This ensures that the labels remain legible for a long time.

Stainless steel cable signs

Signs for cables and lines made of stainless steel can also be used in extreme environmental conditions and mechanical loads at the point of use. The material is more robust than plastic. Since it is a precious metal, the cable signs are rust-proof. They can either be laser printed or the marking can also be punched into the material. With these cable labels, the cables can be permanently marked even in extreme locations.

Types of cable labels

Since cable labels are used in almost every industrial sector for cable identification, they come in very different designs. We have listed the different types of cable labels for you here as an aid to orientation:

Cable marker

Our Texit cable markers are made of polyether polyurethane, halogen-free and resistant to UV radiation. They can be used for marking cables as well as wires. Thanks to their resistance to high and low temperatures, they are ideally suited for outdoor cable marking.

Cable marker cable tie

Our cable marker cable ties are also made of halogen-free, tear-resistant and temperature- & UV-resistant polyether polyurethane plastic. They have the additional advantage that the paper carrier on which the markers are located can also be labeled. This is very convenient when mounting the markers. They are available in the standard range in the colors yellow and white.

Cable labeling plates

Texit's LAM cable labeling tags are great for light or occasional use. This is because the labeling signs can be labeled either manually by hand or with already printed labels. After labeling, an included protective laminate film is applied over the sign. The cable label plates are made of high-quality polyolefin plastic and halogen-free.

Cable signs stainless steel

Texit's stainless steel cable labels are made of 316 stainless steel and can therefore withstand extreme loads. We inscribe the cable signs precisely according to your specifications by means of die stamping. These cable signs are fastened with metal cable ties.

Cable labeling stainless steel

Cable marking stainless steel are 316 stainless steel cable markers, laser cut to your specifications and delivered already marked. Our cable labeling stainless steel markers are used wherever the cable labels are exposed to extreme stress.

Cable labelling signs

Our cable labels are made of high-quality polyester film and are particularly suitable for labeling cable bundles and cable lines. Thanks to the thin PET film, these cable labels take up very little space and are extremely flexible and snug.

Options for labelling the cable labels

The type of labeling depends on the material of the labels. If you would like to label the cable signs yourself, you can do this either manually by hand, with the help of thermal transfer labels or with a printer directly on your premises. We are also happy to do the printing for you. If you decide on stainless steel signs, we can print them for you with a laser or have the marking punched directly into the material. You can find more information about this on our Service page.

Printing cable labels with thermal transfer printer

In addition to the markers, you need the appropriate ribbon and a thermal transfer printer to print the cable labels. In the printer, the color pigments of the ribbon are melted directly onto the surface of the cable label by the action of heat. Since this type of printing is known as dry printing, the markers can be used immediately. The thermal transfer process ensures a high-quality and durable imprint, which is particularly important for permanent marking. You can find more information about the thermal transfer process at our thermal transfer printers.

Label cable labels yourself

In addition to high-quality printing with thermal transfer printers, there are often areas of application in which cable markers need to be marked quickly and flexibly by hand or with labels that have already been printed. Manual labeling of markers offers the greatest possible flexibility without any great loss of legibility. This type is particularly suitable when signs must be replaced or supplemented spontaneously on a frequent basis. You can quickly and easily mark the Texit cable markers either by hand or with a conventional label. Then you simply stick the supplied polyester film over the marker. The film supports the manually applied lettering from environmental influences and makes the signs robust and durable. No matter which option you choose, if you still have questions about marking cables & wires with cable markers, contact our support department! You can do this quickly and easily online via the contact form on our website, but also by phone or by mail. We remain your loyal contact for all questions about cable marking.

FAQ cable labels

Every day we receive many questions about cable signs. Therefore we have created an overview with the most frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for is not here or you still need additional information on individual items, simply contact our support department. On our website this can be done quickly and easily via the Contact form. Our company will be happy to help you and provide you with completely free advice on all cable labeling products.

What are the advantages of using cable labels?

Cable labels are ideally suited for the permanent marking of cables. On the one hand, the cable labels can be attached both during and after cable installation, and on the other hand, the space for labeling is not so limited by the cable diameter. This is rather disadvantageous, especially for cable labels. Another advantage of the labels is that they are available in many different materials (both plastics and stainless steel).

Which cable signs are the most robust?

The stainless steel markers are among our most robust cable markers. They are rustproof, highly resistant to environmental influences (e.g. strong temperature fluctuations, high humidity, salt water, ...) and therefore ideally suited for cable marking in extreme locations (e.g. chemical factories, off-shore platforms). The stainless steel cable labels are available from Texit in two designs: embossed or lasered.

Do I need a thermal transfer printer to print the cable labels?

No, you do not necessarily need a thermal transfer printer for cable labeling by means of a cable label. We also have cable labels that can be labeled manually by hand. However, these have a somewhat lower resistance compared to the other cable labels. Our LAM cable signs are an ideal and cost-effective solution for anyone who only needs to mark individual cables indoors from time to time.