Thermal transfer printer

Labels and cable markers can be printed with high quality using a thermal transfer printer. For industrial labelling, the thermal transfer printing process is ideal because it produces permanent and very durable markings with little effort. In addition, thermal transfer printing can be used to permanently print on a wide range of materials. To ensure high quality, both the printer and the ribbon must match the corresponding label or marker. Texit thermal transfer printers can be combined with our ink ribbons in any way. We have the right printer for both occasional needs and large industrial projects.

Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer foils, also called ink ribbons, are used as carrier material for thermal transfer printing. On them is the ink layer that is printed in the Printer is melted onto the material to be printed via the print head. For high-quality printing results, it is very important to select the right thermal transfer ribbon. The quality of the thermal transfer ribbon is directly reflected in the quality of the print result. At Texit, we rely on high-quality ribbons that meet the high demands of the industry. Our thermal transfer ribbons are compatible with all Texit thermal transfer printers(thermal transfer label printers, shrink sleeve printers or cable marking printers) and can be combined in any way. Find the right ribbon for your requirements here.


With the NiceLabel Designer programme edition, TEXIT offers you the possibility to create your own labels and cable markers individually and at low cost. Users can quickly and easily design professional labels without the need for layout experience or advanced computer skills. Direct database or table connections with countless variable printing options can be created just as quickly as a wide variety of internationally standardised barcode representations. Use one of the ready-made TEXIT label templates or intuitively create one from scratch - even if you have never designed a label before. All NiceLabel Designer editions offer you a familiar Microsoft Office 365-like user experience and are upward compatible. Discover the versatile NiceLabel Designer label software and try your edition for 30 days free online right here.

Thermal transfer printer accessories

To make the printing process even more efficient for you, we at Texit offer you suitable accessories for the thermal transfer printers. With the accessories, you can simplify the work steps during printing and thereby also reduce the time required. The accessories we offer are compatible with all Texit printers. TX4 thermal transfer printers compatible and can be quickly and easily integrated into the Printing system be integrated. Facilitate printing and save time with the use of a perforator, cutter or external unwinder.
Information about the thermal transfer printing systems

Printing systems for optimal printing results

For high-quality, durable labelling, not only the quality of the cable marking / industrial labels, but also the quality and functionality of the printing systems are of great importance. Because clean and consistent printing results can only be achieved with an optimally coordinated printing system. Without such a printing system, you will not obtain permanently legible labelling even with the highest quality labelling products.

A high-quality and, above all, well-tuned thermal transfer printing system enables you to print on our labelling products quickly, easily and individually. If you only need the marking for selected and time-limited projects and still do not want to accept any loss in quality, you can also rent the thermal transfer printers from Texit. rent

Components of the thermal transfer printing systems

A thermal transfer printing system is an interplay of different, individual components that together enable a high-quality printing result. Our systems consist of: 

Thermal transfer printer, thermal transfer ribbon, software & accessories if required Products.

At the heart of the printing system is the Thermal transfer printer. This can be connected to the computer in various ways, depending on the model. Or it can simply be used with an SD card and without a direct computer connection (stand alone). The printer takes over the physical part of the printing in the printing system.

For this purpose, in addition to the actual marking product, he also needs a suitable ink ribbon, also Thermal transfer ribbon called a ribbon. Both the type of printer and the type of ribbon depend on the cable markers or labels you select. You can combine all ribbons with the different printers. 

You will then need the appropriate printer software to create the individual print. With the help of the Software you can quickly and easily create your desired labelling and then print it using the thermal transfer printer. Thanks to the high compatibility of our thermal transfer printing systems, you can put together your own personal system and tailor it exactly to your requirements. 

Thermal transfer printing systems: Find the right system

Since all components of the Texit thermal transfer printing systems are compatible with each other, you can assemble your individual printing system to suit your requirements. First of all, the cable markers / labels you want to print play a major role. The material of these, together with your requirements for the durability of the printing results, determines which Quality level the thermal transfer ribbon must have. The format of the material to be printed and your wishes (e.g. double-sided printing desired?) determine the type of thermal transfer printer. You can find more detailed information on this on the overview page of our Thermal transfer printer.

The selection of the appropriate Label software depends on your requirements for the design of the print and the data connection. If you use Excel as a database and only want to print simple lettering and barcodes, the Designer Express Variant is well suited. However, if you would like to be able to connect other databases and if you have greater demands on the design, we recommend that you use the Designer Pro software. If you also want to design your own layouts quickly and easily, the Power Forms variant is best suited for you.

We will be happy to help you find the right printing system for you. Contact us quickly and easily via the contact form on our website, give us a call or send us an e-mail. Together we will find the right solution for you!

Advantages of Texit printing systems

Purchasing a printing system from Texit has many advantages. Since our printing systems are optimally suited to all labelling products (both Cable labelling and Heat shrink tubingas well as Industrial labels), you will get the best printing result quickly and easily. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of industrial labelling and thermal transfer printing, we know what has proven itself in practice. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the composition of your individual printing system. Because the individual components in the system are compatible with each other and can be fully adapted to your requirements.

In addition, our printing systems are made of high-quality materials and are cleanly finished. Therefore, they are not only durable, but you as the user also have a very low maintenance requirement in the long term. In case of problems, our technical service is available to you free of charge. Technical service service team is available to you free of charge. 

- High quality printing systems

- High compatibility with all Texit labelling products 

- Flexible adaptation of the printing system to your requirements 

- Very low maintenance effort and thus no unnecessary loss of time

- Free technical support and service for questions and problems 

Thermal Transfer Printing Systems FAQ

As thermal transfer printing systems are complex and individual systems, we receive many questions on this topic every day. In order to offer you support in advance, we have summarised the most frequently asked questions for you. If your question is not listed or you need additional information, please contact our service team. We will be happy to help you. 


Frequently asked questions about the thermal transfer printing systems

What can I use the Texit printing systems for?

Texit's printing systems are suitable for printing cable markers and (industrial) labels that are suitable for the thermal transfer printing process. With such a printing system you can print your marking products in a high-quality and individual way.

At Texit, the printing systems can be individually assembled and are therefore suitable for printing a wide range of different products.

What do Texit printing systems include?

Our printing systems include a thermal transfer printer, the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon, the label software for designing the labels and, if necessary, suitable printer accessories. With these components, you are optimally equipped to achieve high-quality printing results with the thermal transfer process. Because not only the products to be printed, but also the printing systems used must be of high quality for optimal printing results.

Can I also rent the thermal transfer printing systems?

If you only need the printing systems for a specific project, it may not be worth the purchase for you. In this case, we also offer our thermal transfer printers for rent. The complete printing system cannot be rented because the thermal transfer ribbons, among other things, are consumables.