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Self-adhesive warning signs are used in all branches of industry. They are used to warn the person present of certain dangers. The type and use of the signs for warning are prescribed by law precisely by DIN standards. The WRT signs from Texit comply with the specified standard both in terms of colour (yellow), shape and printing. The permanent acylate adhesive guarantees high adhesive strength and long-lasting adhesion to machines, systems and equipment. Texit offers 2 products for this purpose:
Warning signs self-adhesive
Information on self-adhesive warning signs

Warning signs Material and structure

The WRT signs from Texit, like all industrial labels, consist of the backing material, a permanent adhesive and the face material. As the name suggests, the liner carries the warning signs along with the adhesive. It protects the labels from dirt and enables easy and clean removal at the point of use. The adhesive is located directly on the liner. At Texit, we use durable and permanent acrylic adhesive for this purpose. Acrylic is a synthetically derived adhesive that is highly temperature resistant and ensures long-lasting adhesion to a variety of surfaces. This high-quality and robust adhesive gives the warning sign its strong adhesive properties. The upper material lies on top of the adhesive. This is the actual label. We use soft vinyl film for the warning signs. The vinyl film has the great advantage that it is resistant to temperature as well as weather and UV and can therefore withstand high loads and environmental influences. In addition, thanks to the use of plasticisers in the manufacturing process, vinyl plastic film is extremely supple. Therefore, these signs also adhere very well to uneven and rough surfaces, as well as to edges and curves. Vinyl is also a very suitable material for printing using the thermal transfer process.

Print warning signs flexibly yourself

A warning sign is available from Texit in two different versions: already printed and in blako version / unprinted. If you often need different warning signs at irregular intervals, you will benefit from the WRT signs for independent printing. With independent printing, you have the greatest flexibility. The WRT warning signs can be printed quickly and easily on site with a suitable ribbon and thermal transfer printer. The thermal transfer process is a so-called dry printing process. The freshly printed signs can therefore be attached directly at the place of use. Another advantage of on-site printing is that you can also create company-specific warning & safety signs with individual symbols using the appropriate label software.

However, if you always need the same warning sign, you can have it printed by us and save yourself the time needed to print it yourself. Just like the unprinted signs, the printed signs are also made of vinyl film and have a permanent acrylic adhesive, making them very durable! Ultimately, you decide whether you want to print the warning signs or have them printed.

Warning sign: colour and shape

Our products in the field of warning signs are in the legally prescribed colour signal yellow as standard. This shade of yellow is striking, which means that the warning cannot be overlooked quickly. The font colour black is specified for such a sign in most cases by legal standards and DIN regulations and is therefore also used by us as standard.

In most cases, the triangle is used as the shape for the various warning signs. This is also the case for signs according to the common DIN 4844-2. At Texit, we also offer rectangular signs in addition to the triangular shape. These offer more space for the imprint.

Other colours and shapes are also available on request. Simply contact us directly online via our Contact forme-mail or by phone!

Service and contact

If you still have questions about the warning label, are not sure which industrial labels are best for you or need further information, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact our technical support team. This can be done quickly and easily directly online via our Websiteby e-mail or telephone. Our team of experts will be happy to help you in word and deed!