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Cable labels are all markers for cable identification, which are attached to the corresponding cables and wires by means of adhesive. Many different products fall into this group of cable labeling. All Texit cable labels are already provided with adhesive and are therefore self-adhesive. Depending on the product, the labels for cables and wires can be individually labeled either with a thermal transfer printer or with an ordinary laser printer. Since the ordinary labels are wrapped around the cables, the width of the writing depends on the respective cable diameter. If you need more space, our cable flags are the most suitable. Cable labels are best suited for labeling network cables

Cable labels

Advantages of the cable labels

Texit's self-laminating labels can be used to permanently mark cables and wires of various sizes quickly and cost-effectively and to label power cables. Our products are made exclusively from high-quality materials and meet our high quality standards. Depending on the type, the products can be labeled either with the therom transfer printing process or with an ordinary office laser printer. Since our labels are self-adhesive, you can also quickly and easily label cables that have already been assembled. Therefore, the cables do not have to be labeled before assembly, as is the case with many other cable marking products. Because we at Texit specialize in permanent industrial labeling, all of our labels are made with permanent acrylic adhesive. Most items in this category are available in yellow and white as standard. Other colors are available upon request. If you have any questions, please contact our service department will help you at any time!

- Fast & cost effective cable marking

- High quality labels for permanent cable labelling

- They can be easily attached even after the cable has been installed

- High adhesion of the marking due to permanent acrylate adhesive

- Colour and size flexibly selectable (yellow and white are the standard colours)

- Available for thermal transfer printing (cable marking printer) as well as for ordinary laser beam printers

Cable labels types

Because cable labels are used in almost every industrial sector for cable marking, they come in very different designs. We have listed the different types of cable labels for you here as an aid to orientation. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to select a product. If not, simply contact us - our team of experts will be happy to advise you personally.

Self-laminating cable labels

Texit's self-laminating cable labels allow you to mark cables quickly and at the same time permanently and robustly. The KRT-P0 cable labels are made of halogen-free polyalkene and have a high resistance to UV radiation. They are available in many sizes to cover a wide range of cable diameters.

Cable labels with protective laminate

The cable labels with protective laminate are particularly well suited for small cable diameters and for marking cores, as the material is extremely flexible and conformable. These cable labels are made of very high quality polyolefin plastic, halogen-free and resistant to UV rays, oils, moisture and alcohol.

Self Laminating Cable Markers

Self-laminating cable markers can be used to mark both cables and wires inexpensively and permanently. The self-laminating cable markers from Texit are made of flexible vinyl and already have adhesive and protective laminate. These cable labels are supplied on a roll.

Cable marker self-adhesive

The Texit cable markers self-adhesive are provided with a strong acrylate adhesive and thanks to the integrated laminate film also self-laminating. They are ideal for cost-effective and fast cable marking, as these labels are on a DIN A4 sheet and can be printed with a conventional laser printer.

Cable flags

Cable flags can be used to permanently mark cables and wires relatively independently of their diameter. However, there must be enough space for the flag. Our Texit cable flags labels are made of soft PVC and are therefore not only very flexible, but also cost-effective. These cable labels are printed using the thermal transfer process.

Cable labels Material and structure

Similar to the Thermal transfer labels labels for cables also consist of 3 layers: the liner, the adhesive and the face material. The liner ensures safe storage of the labels before they are used. It protects them from dirt and guarantees easy removal. As an adhesive, we use a permanent acrylic adhesive for permanent labeling. This universal adhesive can be applied to almost all types of film and ensures good adhesion, thus giving the products a long service life. It also exhibits high temperature resistance and insensitivity to UV radiation and oxidation. These are important requirements for use in industry. The topcoat of the labels varies depending on the product and should be selected depending on your individual requirements. For durable cable labeling, the use of plastics for the face material has proven to be effective. For our self-laminating labels, the face material is covered with a layer of transparent laminate during assembly.

PVC / vinyl film

Labels made of PVC film are very soft and therefore fit perfectly to the individual cables and wires. They also adhere very well to an uneven or rough surface. They are tear-resistant and free of heavy metals, so they can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The self-laminating vinyl labels are very resistant to UV rays and chemicals such as oils, gasoline or other solvents. In addition, they are extremely scratch-resistant even when subjected to mechanical stress. Printing on the vinyl labels is quick and easy with one of our thermal transfer printers.   

Polyester film

Polyester is the most stable plastic material for labeling cables. Therefore, polyester cable labels are durable and extremely temperature resistant. You can print these labels quickly and easily with a conventional office laser printer and apply them to a flat surface. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for small needs or for individual projects.  

Polyolefin film

Labels for cables from the category of polyolefins are halogen-free and, thanks to their high resistance, very versatile in industrial applications. The material is very flexible and conformable. Thanks to the perforation points, excess film can be quickly and easily removed from the polyolefin labels. The labels can thus be flexibly adapted to different cable diameters and are also ideally suited for small cables. The polyolefin film is printed using the thermal transfer process.

Polyalkene film

The cable labels made of polyalken are halogen-free and are therefore ideally suited for use in railroad engineering and all other industries where halogens must not be used. Even small printed information is easily legible on the transparent polyalken film. In addition, Polyalken is very resilient and can be used at temperatures up to 112 degrees Celsius. You will get the best marking results with our thermal transfer printers and the matching ribbon.

Cable label printer

You can mark our industrial labels quickly and easily with one of our label printers. Depending on the product, either thermal transfer printers or laser printers can be used. Most products for permanent cable marking are labeled using the thermal transfer printing process. The imprint is then particularly robust. Depending on your specific requirements, polyester cable labels may also be an option. These are supplied on sheets and can be easily labeled with conventional laser printers. You do not need any additional accessories or extra printers for these labels. If you only need the labeling products for a specific project and still want the flexibility to print yourself, we also offer our customers the option to rent our thermal transfer printers. You can find more information about this on our service page.

Print your own cable labels

Cable labels can, depending on the product, be printed with a laser printer or Thermal transfer printer quickly and easily by yourself. The great advantage of printing the labels yourself on your own premises is the high degree of flexibility. You can determine both the content and the number yourself and adapt them to your needs as you wish.

For our polyester labels you only need a normal office laser printer. These labels are delivered on sheets and can be printed like paper. For all other labels for cable marking you need a thermal transfer printer and the appropriate ribbon. For the best printing results, both should be matched to the material of the labels. With the Nice Label Software you can compose the desired cable label on the computer in no time at all, which is then sent to the thermal transfer printer. With a Printing system from Texit, you benefit from easy handling and receive labeling solutions of the highest quality.

Cable labels laser printer
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