Cable labeling for structured IT cabling: Limited space, variable temperatures & different cable sizes place high demands.

Structured cabling methods are often used for IT cabling. No matter in which area: whether in the planning and installation of building technology (e.g. for offices) or in large-scale projects in plant construction. The strategic and structural networking and connection of communication and computer systems is more important today than ever before. Network cabling plays a particularly important role here. The planning and laying of network cables must be recorded in proper and clean documentation and be subject to regular inspection.

In order not to lose the overview, it is essential for structured cabling that all cables (especially the numerous network cables or patch cables) and lines are clearly identifiable and permanently legibly labeled. Texit cable labeling is ideal for marking these cables and the entire network technology. Thanks to our focus on industry, we offer many customers flexible solutions in the field of EDP cabling and IT cabling for data centers.

With just one printer, you can print all materials and labeling products so that they are permanently legible. This allows you to clearly identify not only cables and wires, but also other components such as devices, switches and panels. As one of our specialist areas, we will be happy to advise you personally and individually on the identification of your network technology.

✔️ Permanently legible marking for IT & EDP cables (>10 years, extremely robust & abrasion-resistant)

✔️ Flexible labeling of different cable types & wires directly on site with just one thermal transfer printing system

✔️ Special color coding can be easily implemented

✔️ Easy to install on site (even without tools such as cable ties etc.)

✔️ Time & cost savings for subsequent maintenance / repair and future expansion work

✔️ More efficient troubleshooting through easy location of individual cables

✔️ Benefit from our Texit customer service & technical support in the long term

EDP cabling Cable labels
EDP cabling Labeling

Self-laminating cable labels

Self-laminating cable labels are often used for labeling network cabling. These labels are specially manufactured for cables and are made of high-quality plastic. As a manufacturer, we can offer you almost any color. Self-laminating cable labels are a great way to label network cables so that they are permanently legible, as the markers take up virtually no space and can adapt to different cable diameters. This is why network technology is one of the specialist areas for cable labels. The labels can be removed relatively easily from the patch cables and lines during subsequent conversion work.

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EDP cabling Labeling
EDP cabling Labeling

Cable markers WITHOUT cable ties

Our new product innovation "cable markers without cable ties" are also suitable for labeling IT & network cabling. To identify a single network connection, these markers can simply be wrapped around the cable and tightened using the loop at the end. The markers are available in different colors and can be used for cables with a diameter of up to 8 mm. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the markers are halogen-free and also UL94 compliant.

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EDP cabling Cable clips
Structured cabling

Cable clips for patch cables

The PAM cable clips are ideal for structured cabling. The clips can be pushed directly onto the cables with the aid of a mounting rod supplied. Thanks to the high-quality plastic (POM) and the standard latching nose, the clips align themselves automatically on the cable and have no sharp edges. If changes are required, the clips can be easily removed and replaced. As the PAM markers can also be retrofitted, it is not absolutely necessary to install them during installation. You can find more solutions for marking with cable clips on the PAM product page.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ EDP cabling Labeling

What is IT cabling?

IT cabling (electronic data processing cabling) refers to the system of physical cables, connections and hardware components used for the transmission of data in a computer network. This cabling is a fundamental part of the IT infrastructure and enables communication in computer systems between different devices, computers and network components within a building, data center or over larger geographical areas.

What is an IT network?

A computer network (electronic data processing network) refers to a network of computers and other devices that are connected to each other to exchange data, share resources and enable communication. These networks are usually used in companies, organizations or even private households to facilitate access to information and services.

IT networks can come in different sizes and forms, from small local area networks (LANs) to large global networks (wide area networks, WANs). The cabling, protocols and choice of devices can vary depending on the requirements and objectives of the network.

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is an approach that is widely used in IT cabling. It is a standardized and systematic method of organizing and implementing cables and hardware components in a building or data center. Structured cabling facilitates the flexibility, scalability and maintenance of networks by providing a clear structure for the placement of cables and connections.

How can cables for IT / EDP cabling be labeled?

There are several methods for labeling IT/EDP cabling. Self-adhesive or self-laminating cable labels are often used, on which clear information such as cable type, connection details and location are printed. Color coding can also be implemented. Shrink sleeves and cable markers without cable ties provide permanent and tamper-proof identification. In rack-mount environments, special cable management panels and patch panels with built-in labeling capabilities can be used. Thorough documentation of cabling, including a directory of locations, functions and connections, is also critical.

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As an ISO-certified company, you can rely on our 20 years of experience in the field of industrial labeling.

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