Industrial marking Application areas

Industrial labeling plays an important role in all sectors of industry. Labeling plates ensure an overview of complex production processes and are used for safety labeling and traceability of machines and systems in manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies place high demands on industrial label ing. High temperatures in a production process or regular contact with chemicals are just two examples. The complexity of the manufacturing processes results in different requirements in every sector of industry. As a manufacturer of industrial marking systems, we at Texit have gained a lot of experience on the market over the last 20 years. Here you will find an overview of information and products for labeling in the various industrial sectors:

Industrial marking photovoltaic

Solar & Photovoltaics

In the field of solar technology and photovoltaics, UV and temperature resistance and high abrasion resistance play a particularly important role. This is because the marking is permanently located outdoors and is exposed to strong environmental influences. Whether cable markers or type plates for labeling inverters - discover the cable marking system for PV systems here.

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Industrial Labelling Chemical Oil Gas Industry

Chemical, Oil & Gas Industry

The requirements for labelling in the chemical, oil & gas sector are very high. Reliable temperature resistance, safe chemical resistance and abrasion resistance of cable markers and labels are just a few examples. We at Texit have specialised in individual marking solutions for high requirements.

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Industrial marking railroad

Railway industry

In the railway industry, especially in rail vehicle construction, the marking must not only be durable, but also halogen-free. At Texit, our cable markers for the railway industry also meet the important European standards railway standard EN 45545-2:2016 (R22/R23) and the requirements of EN 50343:2014 (Annex H).

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Industrial labelling Wind turbines

Wind turbines

Cold, heat, snow, humidity, salty climates - these are just a few examples of the extreme environmental influences to which the labelling of (offshore) wind turbines is exposed. Durability under extreme conditions is one of the most important requirements for labelling in the wind turbine sector.

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Industrial marking control cabinet

Electronics & switch cabinet construction

An essential element in control cabinet construction is safety and the associated clear, highly visible and permanent marking of electrical components through the formation of uniform reference markings. Cost-effective, individual and high-quality marking solutions with fast availability are in demand. TEXIT has specialised in this with a broad product portfolio and will work with you to create the optimum and permanent marking.

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Industrial marking plant engineering

Machinery & Plant Engineering

In machine and plant construction, a wide variety of requirements are placed on marking. Texit offers a wide range of markers for indoor and outdoor applications. For permanent marking, high adhesive properties are required for the labels, among other things.

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Telecommunication equipment labeling


In telecommunications, cable markers and labels are used in very different places. When marking transmission masts, the marking must be very robust and UV-resistant. If server rooms are marked, it is primarily a matter of long durability and easy handling. Self-laminating cable labels are often used here.

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Event technology

Labeling plays an important role in the field of event technology. In hardly any other industry is so much equipment set up and dismantled in such a short time. In order to work as efficiently as possible, good planning and organization are absolutely essential. In this context, labeling is a central element. No matter if speaker cables, mixers or spotlights: With Texit you can mark all equipment in no time.

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EDP & IT cabling

Reliable and flexible cable labeling is of crucial importance for IT cabling. To ensure structured cabling of computers and computer systems, it is necessary that all cables are clearly and legibly labeled. This is essential to enable efficient organization, easy maintenance and quick troubleshooting of the network system.

EDP cabling
Industrial Marking Machines & Equipment

Machines & Devices

Since 2002, we have been supplying our customers in the machinery & equipment sector with high-quality marking products and developing individual solutions. Whether cable marking or labels - here you will find all the products that our customers in the machinery & equipment sector are already successfully using for marking.

Labeling for machines
Industrial labelling Building industry

Building Technology & Automation

Cable markers and labels are used in many different ways in building technology and automation. Since components and connecting parts are often used outdoors, the corresponding cable markers and labels must be very robust against various weather influences and UV rays.

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Industrial Marking Medical Technology

Medical technology

Especially in medical technology, there are strict rules on the necessary labelling. Since 26 May 2021, machine- and human-readable product labelling has become mandatory here. Texit's high-quality polyester labels are particularly suitable for the optimal labelling of medical technology products.

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Industrial marking Aerospace


Labelling of components, devices or cables is of existential importance in the aerospace industry because the highest requirements have to be met here. Only the necessary adhesive properties, physical abrasion resistance and temperature resistance to various substances in all three aggregate states ensure the function and safety of the technical systems for labels and cable markers. Texit has a broad product portfolio in this area and can supply suitable solutions.

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Defence & Security Labelling

Defence & Security

Security and defence is one of the most important industries worldwide. In addition to the classic areas such as weapons and ammunition manufacturing, communication and surveillance technology plays an essential role, as these technologies are also used in private areas. Whether for marking equipment or cabling in traffic and surveillance cameras or complex operations centres, Texit cable and label markers are used everywhere, as they are ideally suited for indoor as well as outdoor applications and have very high adhesive properties and abrasion resistance.

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Industrial labelling Shipping


Marking in shipping is exposed to high mechanical stress. Wetness, high salt concentrations and constant movement have a strong effect on the marking products. At Texit, we therefore have special products that meet these requirements for both conventional and military shipbuilding.

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Texit industrial marking

As a manufacturer of industrial marking, we have been marketing industrial marking systems to our customers in the manufacturing sector for over 20 years. For identification and security marking, different quantities of marking are regularly required in industrial use. Therefore, the purchase of a complete printing system (carrier material for printing, thermal transfer printer and matching thermal transfer ribbon) has proven to be a good solution for our customers. In this way, medium identification and marking can be printed individually and flexibly on site at any time.

The thermal transfer process has proved particularly successful for industrial marking. In this process, the printing is melted onto the surfaces of the carrier materials (usually plastic, for example a type plate or cable label) by the action of heat. The resulting print has an extremely high durability and is therefore ideally suited for industrial marking.

Cable marking in industry

In production, not only product marking but also medium marking plays a major role. This marking includes, among other things, machine marking, but also the marking of cables in machines and complex plants. In the production of Texit cable marking, we rely on the highest quality. Thanks to our certified quality management, more than 1000 customers in over 20 industrial sectors already rely on our marking. You can find out more about our products in the cable labeling section. More information about our production and the properties of industrial marking can be found under the heading Service.

Labels for industrial marking

In addition to cable marking, labels are among the most important components of industrial marking. Labels fulfill a wide variety of functions. For example, they are used in the form of a type plate for machine identification. Test labels and warning signs are widely used as types of labels in industrial safety marking. Labels in production have very different functions, but all fall under the designation of industrial marking.

You can find more info about our industrial label products in the Labels section. Do you have a question or need help choosing the right labels? Then simply contact our service department. Our experts in the field of labels will be happy to help you.

Industrial marking printer

With the help of industrial printers, you can create the license plates flexibly and independently at your site. Our thermal transfer printers are ideal for this purpose. They score in terms of efficiency, durability and cost. As a manufacturing company, you can use a Texit printer to independently produce your industrial labels for components of machines, vehicle fleets and cable harnesses according to your own specifications. You can find more information about our printers under the heading Printing Systems.

Industrial marking consulting

Industrial labeling is complex and diverse. At Texit, we have specialized in this niche area for over 20 years and are happy to help you with our expertise. Our consultation usually takes place over the phone, but we will also travel to your company and look at the situation together with you on site. Together we will find the optimal solution for labeling your machines, cables and equipment.

You can order samples of almost all our products free of charge and test them on site. In addition to our in-house printing service, we also offer you the rental of our printers for individual projects - we have the right solution for all situations. You can find more information about this on our website under the heading Service.

FAQ Marking in the industry

What is industrial labeling?

Industrial labeling is the visible identification and marking of machines, systems, devices and products in the production process. In concrete terms, the aim is to clearly identify all machines, components and ultimately also the products involved in the production process. There are different standards and guidelines for this, depending on the industry. A fundamental difference in industrial marking is the place of use. Production processes are often subject to extreme conditions (temperatures, use of chemicals, mechanical stress, ...) that we do not experience in this way in the environment. Therefore, industrial labeling must meet special requirements.

Is industrial labeling mandatory?

In Europe, industrial labeling is required by law. Thus, in the broadest sense, it can be said that industrial labeling is mandatory for manufacturing companies. However, the legal requirements vary greatly per industry. Therefore, industrial labeling must be very flexible. You can find more information about the individual industries and the guidelines that apply there with regard to labeling on our industry pages.

Is Texit also the manufacturer of industrial labeling?

Yes, Texit is European manufacturer of cable markers for industrial marking. Our intra-European production guarantees us the highest possible flexibility and quick adaptation to changing market conditions. Thus, our marking always remains available and up to date. You can find out more about us as a manufacturer under the heading "Company".

How can I label cables?

Cable marking is an important part of industrial marking. In practice, the following 4 options have proven to be particularly useful for this purpose: Use of heat shrink markers, cable labels, cable labels or wire markers. Are you looking for the right product for cable marking? Our product finder will help you find the right products based on 4 short questions.

What requirements does Texit industrial labeling meet?

This question cannot be answered so simply, as industrial marking is very complex and has many different facets. In general, we can say that we can offer a suitable solution for almost any requirement in the field of permanent cable marking. Our products are already in use in 25 different industrial sectors. Do you have specific questions about your requirements? Then contact our marking experts - at Texit we will be happy to advise you individually and personally!

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