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Machine labels are thermal transfer labelswhich are used for marking and labeling machines and equipment in the industry. While type plates are attached directly by the manufacturer to the new machine in a clearly recognizable manner and contain all important information such as the name of the manufacturer, year of manufacture, CE mark and serial number of the device, machine plates, or machine stickers are often used for instructions on safe use. However, both have one thing in common: they are attached to the outside of the machine and the information should be permanently legible even under load and various environmental influences and clearly identify the corresponding device.

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Machine signs

Machine signs molds

For manufacturers of equipment, machinery and individual components, machine identification plays a major role in production. A machine label can either be classically made of metal (e.g. stainless steel or aluminum) or plastic, such as polyester or vinyl. These machine labels already have adhesive and are highly durable. They are less expensive than metal machine labels and can be custom printed for design. In the industry, these machine identification signs are becoming more and more popular. They are frequently used in the plant & mechanical engineering sectors, in the photovoltaic sector for marking inverters and also increasingly in the chemical industry.

Machine Signs Printer

The plastic machine plates can be used as safety markings (safety plates), for machine labeling (machine plate) or as machine nameplates. Before using the plastic machine signs, check the relevant machinery directive.

A big advantage of the plastic machine plates is that you can print them quickly and easily on site according to your needs. Instead of the time-consuming engraving of aluminum or stainless steel nameplates, you can simply print the self-adhesive plastic machine plates from Texit using the thermal transfer process or with a laser printer. The result is a high-quality, scratch- & smudge-proof, as well as durable and permanently legible imprint.

The already attached permanent acylate adhesive contributes to a long service life. Due to the independent printing on site, the printed machine safety signs are more flexible in use and the creation is also more cost-effective. With the help of the appropriate label software, the imprint can be designed professionally and individually. This design can be flexibly adapted at any time. Our printable plastic labels have proven particularly successful in the following areas: Low-voltage switchboards, electrical enclosures, switches, pushbuttons, signal lights, instrumentation, motor controls, manufacturing & production lines, on shelf racks and control panels.

Advantages of printed machine nameplates

Printed machine nameplates have several advantages over conventional engraved stainless steel or aluminum nameplates. As a manufacturer or user of equipment, you can inscribe your plates independently and individually. Therefore, you do not have to purchase a certain number of engraved plates, nor do you have to limit yourself to a certain engraving. The thermal transfer labels can be flexibly adapted and, for example, easily redesigned for a special machine. This gives you maximum flexibility in labeling and marking your products.

In addition, marking plastic labels is more cost-effective than engraving metal signs. When it comes to the material, different plastics are available to you depending on the specifications. The suitable material of the plastic signs depends primarily on the nature of the substrate. There are suitable materials for smooth as well as for uneven and rough surfaces. The main advantages of the machine & type plates for printing can be summarized as follows:

- Flexibility in the production of type plates

- No specific quantities have to be purchased

- Quick and easy to create directly on site

- Flexible and individual adaptations of the type plates are possible at any time

- More cost-effective process than engraving aluminium signs

- Large selection of suitable materials

- Long service life

- Very robust and resistant marking

Types of machine marking

Since there are many different types of machine labeling, we have compiled an overview of the different machine labels for you here. Before ordering, check the relevant information on the machine directive that applies to you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate machine labeling.

Nameplates Labels

In the case of the nameplate labels, the polyester surface has been provided with a thin, compressible foam backing. This makes it look confusingly similar to a stainless steel nameplate. This product is highly resistant to fluctuating temperatures at the point of use, halogen-free and can be printed flexibly using the thermal transfer process. The nameplate labels are supplied already cut to shape on a roll.

Nameplates blank

The blank nameplates are similar to the above labels in terms of material and application. They are also made of a polyester film and have a compressible foam backing. However, the shape is different. Our blank type plates are supplied in continuous format on a roll. This allows you to print different size type plates with one label roll.

Strongly adhesive labels and fabric labels

Texit's highly adhesive labels are made of textile fabric (hence the name fabric labels). For attachment, they are already equipped with a permanent acrylic adhesive. They are the best solution for marking machines and equipment with difficult surfaces (e.g. unevenness or also sticking around corners). In our standard assortment we offer these signs in yellow and white. The strongly adhesive labels can be printed with a thermal transfer printing system.

Vinyl labels

Our Texit vinyl labels are the most cost-effective option in the machine labels and nameplates categories. However, this does not make them sacrifice reliability or safety in any way. They are the most flexible labels for machine marking and are often used by companies in the field of safety marking (marking of hazards) and can also be flexibly labeled with the marking method thermal transfer printing. In addition, our vinyl labels are cadmium-free.

PVC labels industry

Texit PVC labels are made of flexible PVC film and are ideal for marking machines, equipment and components. Just like the vinyl labels, the Texit PVC labels are also of high quality and free of cadmium. These labels are available in continuous format on a roll. This allows you to create different sizes with one label roll. The PVC machine labels can be printed best with one of our Texit thermal transfer printers.

Plastic labels and polyester labels

Texit plastic labels (such as polyester labels) are made of a flexible polyester film. Polyester is a very durable plastic that is best suited for use with machine labels. These labels adhere best to flat surfaces such as metals and paints. In our standard range, we carry these labels in white, silver and yellow. Using a thermal transfer printer, these labels can be easily and permanently labeled.

In the version polyester labels endless, we supply you with the machine labels in endless format on a roll. This allows you to flexibly adjust the length of the yellow polyester labels yourself. This category also includes our white and silver industrial labels.

Labels laser printer

Texit's labels for laser printers can all be printed with conventional office printers. We carry these labels for machine marking in different variants. The labels DIN A4 sheets are, as the name suggests, in the practical DIN A4 format. This makes them easy to mark with a laser printer.

We also supply our foil labels on DIN A4 sheets. These labels have rounded corners and are available in white, silver and yellow.

Machine signs materials

You can choose from a wide variety of different plastics for the printable machine signs. In addition to your individual requirements, the condition of the surface to which the signs are to be attached is also important for the selection of the suitable article. The right choice of material is important, because only with a plastic sign perfectly matched to your requirements can we be sure of its long life and legibility. If you are unsure, please contact our service department directly. Contact with our service department. We will advise you personally on your individual needs. Of course, such a consultation is free of charge and subject to confirmation.

Polyester nameplate machine

Polyester is one of the most resistant plastics for the production of industrial labels. Accordingly, polyester is best suited for use as a machine or nameplate for smooth surfaces. With polyester labels, you have the choice between a simple polyester label or the device markers specially developed for use as a nameplate.

All polyester signs are very temperature resistant, scratch & tear resistant and resistant to common chemicals. In our assortment you will also find signs that can be printed with ordinary laser printers. These are particularly suitable for small needs. We will be happy to give you tips on how to print these labels with high quality but without much effort.

Vinyl Machine Signs Machine Marking

Machine signs vinyl (also known as PVC) are characterized in particular by their soft, supple structure. They adhere very well even on uneven and rough surfaces. Even edges or curved surfaces are no problem for vinyl labels.

In addition, vinyl is a very robust and resistant material, which is resistant to oils, moisture and cleaners. The temperature-resistant vinyl machine signs are available from us in various sizes. They can be printed quickly and flexibly with the appropriate thermal transfer printer and ribbon.

Textile fabric machine signs

The ERT-Y textile fabric labels are always used where the surface is very difficult in its nature. Due to their high flexibility, they adhere even to surfaces that are not suitable for labels made of polyester and vinyl. They can even be used for cable marking (especially in the production of control cabinets).

In addition, textile fabric machine labels are both temperature resistant and resistant to moisture, oils and cleaners. The permanent acrylic adhesive ensures the good adhesive properties of these labels. The textile fabric machine labels can be individually labeled using the thermal transfer process.

Properties of the plastic signs

Plastic labels are especially suitable for cost-conscious customers who want to flexibly label their machines and devices without sacrificing quality. The printing of the Thermal transfer labels can be individually designed according to your wishes and can take place directly on your premises. The signs are permanently self-adhesive thanks to the adhesive already attached.

Since they are printed (for the most part) using the thermal transfer printing process and it is a dry process, the products can be applied immediately after labeling. The nameplates have a high quality and are very robust and resistant. Are you looking for a specific size? We also produce special sizes on customer request, which are individually adapted to your requirements. You can find more information about this under the heading Service.

Use area and use machine signs

The clear labeling of machines is very important. Since these are found in every branch of industry, signs for labeling are also required everywhere. In each industry there are different legal guidelines for the labeling of plants and equipment (Machinery Directive). The chemical industry, for example, has different specifications than railroad technology or plant engineering with regard to the designation of the machine. Type plates, however, must be attached to all components by the manufacturer. In addition to the serial number and the year of manufacture, individual details of the manufacturer and other important information such as the CE marking are noted there in a clearly legible manner.

Machine plates nameplates printing

A frequent use of machine plates is for the identification of machines and equipment by means of a type plate. The type plates from Texit can be printed flexibly and individually. To print type plates, you need the right printing system. On our blog, we have shown you the individual steps for printing type plates. This way, you can flexibly design your own nameplates in no time at all and print them on your premises.

FAQ machine signs

Are machine marking stickers also suitable for outdoor use?

Yes the Texit signs for marking machines and equipment are best suited for permanent outdoor use. All our articles from this category are very resistant to environmental influences and fluctuating temperatures. Particularly robust is the marking by means of thermal transfer printing.

What information is there about machine signs standard?

The machine labeling standard does not generally exist, since there are different labeling guidelines for each machine. For information on the machine labeling standard, it is worth looking at the corresponding machine directive. Often there are differences in machine labeling and safety labeling (to protect against hazards). Are you unsure about this? As your partner in matters of labeling, we will be happy to help you (even for non-customers free of charge and without obligation). Simply get in touch with us.

Can I print machine signs myself?

Yes, you can print machine signs yourself - because in addition to the engraved signs made of stainless steel or aluminum, there are also signs made of plastic for the labeling of machines. With the right printing system, they can be quite flexible and individually print the signs for your machine on site (symbols, text, barcodes and also print in color is no problem here).

What are the delivery time for machine signs machine marking?

We usually have all articles and products from our standard range in stock at our warehouse. Products in stock are tested for quality upon receipt of the order and, if they pass the test, they are shipped directly. Thus the articles from our standard assortment have only delivery times of 3 to 5 working days.

For custom-made products, the delivery times are longer, because the products are specially manufactured according to customer requirements and may already be printed with text. More detailed information about the delivery of these items can be found in your order confirmation.