Why Nice Label?

NiceLabel recently launched a fully updated product line that builds on 25 years of industry experience and utilises state-of-the-art technology. The new version 10 product line offers NiceLabel customers unparalleled print productivity through next-generation technology.

Familiarity and ease of use: The ribbon-based user interface offers the same basics and user experience as Microsoft Word.

Unparalleled reliability: NiceLabel built the new platform using a test-based development approach: .NET technology is used, agile development principles as well as computer-controlled software testing, with tens of thousands of automated tests performed day after day, around the clock.

Future-proof: The future-proof platform takes advantage of the latest technological advances, including 64-bit memory, multi-core processors, tablets, touchscreens, HTML5, web, cloud and mobile.


The programme versions are available for download in executable .EXE format. Since many computers block .EXE files by virus scanners, the files have been renamed to .TEX. Therefore, the downloaded files must first be renamed back to .EX E files before execution.