• Have nameplate labels printed

    Nameplate labels are robust and flexible in use

    Our blank nameplate labels are extremely robust and can also be used permanently outdoors.

  • Have nameplate labels printed

    We take care of the printing

    We can print the nameplate labels for you according to your specifications.

  • Have nameplates printed Labels

    Printed and ready for use

    The printed nameplates are ready for use immediately after dispatch.

Have nameplates printed - from inquiry to delivery

This is how nameplate printing works with us

01 Contact

Would you like to permanently mark your devices, machines and components with nameplate labels?
But you don't have the right hardware and software? - No problem! Give us a call (+49 6071 - 928 4023), use our contact form or send us an e-mail to sales@texit.de

02 Consulting

At Texit, your personal sales contact will take the lead during the initial consultation. Our colleagues are also available on site to carry out an active problem analysis and present customized solutions.

03 Sampling

If individual tests such as abrasion resistance and print quality are required in advance, we will usually provide you with material samples free of charge. These enable you to carry out a comprehensive test with regard to your specific needs and requirements. Only once you are completely satisfied with the results and have given your approval will we provide you with a customized quotation.

04 Order processing

Are you convinced by our products? As soon as we have all the relevant data for printing the nameplates (e.g. as Excel data), we will start the printing process. You will also receive a binding delivery date directly with the order confirmation.

05 Delivery

We send your nameplates printed according to your specifications using a reliable parcel service. You will receive a tracking number on request. Collection from our premises or express delivery for urgent requirements are also possible.

06 After Sales Service

Even after your purchase, your personal sales contact will continue to be there for you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have in the field of "industrial marking".

Nameplate Labels Properties

Save yourself the investment costs and leave the printing of your nameplates to us. Our high-quality identification labels are already provided with a permanent acrylic adhesive and can simply be stuck to the desired location for attachment. Due to the shiny silver color and the thick polyester foam backing, the nameplate labels look similar to classic metal nameplates (aluminum or stainless steel). Thanks to the plastic, the labels can be printed permanently and legibly (>10 years) without any problems and are highly resistant (to UV rays, temperature, moisture, cleaning agents, etc.). They therefore meet most of the requirements that the industry places on rating plates and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Have nameplates printed

Would you like to have the type plates for your machines, systems or components printed in the future? Then we will clarify the exact requirements for the labeling in advance in a meeting or on-site visit. This is because both the environment at the place of use and the industry-specific standards and guidelines play a major role in type labeling. Where will the stickers be used? What is the nature of the surfaces? How exactly do you intend to use them? What specifications or ideas do you have for the nameplates? What information must be on the rating plate? (in addition to the CE mark, there are many other important data to include, such as the company logo or serial numbers)

We can often manufacture special requests or requirements for you as part of custom-made products. After the consultation, you have the opportunity to test our products and their quality on site. Are you satisfied? Then all we need is the information on the desired data and the layout for the nameplate or nameplates and voila, our printing service can start! Once the labeling is complete, we send the nameplate labels directly to dispatch. They are then ready for immediate use on receipt.

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But would you rather print your own nameplates?

That's no problem either! Find out more about printing nameplates in our blog post: Print your own nameplates in 3 steps.

Print nameplates

Printing nameplates is quick, easy and uncomplicated at Texit - just get in touch with us: